I’m a Survivor.

Today was an emotional one for me.

I’m in an AFLP facebook group (Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy, the complication I had with Hunter), and a new mom joined today, which is always bittersweet. I’m glad that they have found us, as it is hard to find others who have gone through it and we’re small in number, but horrified for anyone else who has had to go through such trauma. It turned out that this mama’s daughter had just suffered from AFLP last week, and she was trying to get more information on it while her daughter was still in the ICU.

She was 27, I was 26 when I had Hunter. She was 35 weeks pregnant, which is when I had Hunter. And she lost her baby. And mine, I was so blessed to have survive. I feel so lucky. I feel guilty, almost, that my sweet boy survived when so many others have succumbed to this horrible disease. It’s hard to hear about someone going through almost the exact same thing you did, at the exact point in their life, and having such an awful outcome.

I’ve known from the beginning that Hunter was my miracle child, that I am so, so blessed and lucky that we are both here, healthy and thriving. It’s a hard time in my life to look back on, especially not even one year out yet.

To my son, you have come such a long way. I love every second of being your mama, of watching you grow and learn. You’ve changed my life in what seems like millions of ways, but I wouldn’t trade one second of our journey, and I just hope that I can bring more awareness to AFLP so that there can be fewer lost babies, and more survivors like us.

In the NICU a few days after my son was born.
And now! It blows my mind to see the change in him and how big he’s gotten!

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